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Background Screening Objective

For our potential clients as a Background screening company we will verify critical information like identity, criminal activity, sex-offender searches, employment and education history, professional licenses, and motor vehicle records.

A standard background check report from Reveal Background will contain a several different screenings, which are selected based on the company ordering the report. ***Each company has different requirements which means each company may have different screenings and we can customize specific to your company’s needs.

Please note: Everything that we will be doing as a Background screening company will comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA governs how background checks must be conducted, which includes obtaining the applicants authorization to conduct the background check and the FCRA compliant disclosures, which will be provided to both the client and the applicant.

When looking for an employee background screening service, there are numerous factors customers will consider, including how easy it is to order and review background checks, whether the provider offers the type of screening your business needs, and if it abides by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 


  • Everything will be done electronically and handled by our CRAs that are certified through the Professional Background Screening Association(PBSA).
  • After the customer is setup they will receive a link that will grant them access to login and input the applicant information.
  • The customer will have access to send electronically or by mail a legal release form that will need to be completed by applicant, informing that person of his/her rights, as well as adverse actions communications.

To start Reveal Background will offer three different Packages: Basic/Standard/Professional (please see attached report on next page).

Customization is available:

    • Turnaround Time: Depending on the Type of Screening the Turnaround time is Some sites allow you to search and view results instantly, while others may take between one and five days to give you the results.


  • Please note: For county searches within the below states there are additional court fees that will be billed after the individual background report returns. Fees will be added to the base price of the package that the customer selects. (AR, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, IL, KS, KY, LA (only Evangeline), ME, MI, MS, MT, NV, NH, NY, SD, TN, TX (only Refugio), VT (only Chittenden, Franklin & Rutland).

Fees are based upon individual search returns that is not known until the search returns.

Background Screening Definitions

National Criminal Database Alias Check

Includes SSN trace and National Sex Offender Registry. Search criminal records databases from all 50 states, includes records from courts, corrections departments, and probation records. *A county level check should be run after data return to obtain complete and accurate information.

Social Security Number (SSN) Trace

The SSN Trace provides verification that the SSN exists by scanning major credit databases for applicant’s known addresses. The data returned will be used to run a County Criminal Records Check to search specific counties.


Sex Offender Registry Check

Search of official Sex Offender Registry in all 50 states, Washington D.C., Guam, and Puerto Rico. If a record is found, a more in-depth search at the county level will be required to obtain full information.


10 Year County Criminal Records Search

Search criminal records at the county level which includes felony & Misdemeanor search of all convictions within the 10 year scoped based upon the disposition date. A standard 10 year felony/misdemeanor search is verified using the Central Court. A County Criminal Records Search is conducted in the county where the candidate currently resides and in all counties where the candidate has registered within the past seven years. *Additional county Court Fees may apply*

Credit Report Search

The global security watch list is a global search that identifies foreign terrorist organizations, terrorists on the terrorist watch list, and any individual or organizations that are on watch status by U.S. and international government agencies. Searching this dataset is an effective tool for discovering leads to individuals on government watch lists for furthering courthouse research.  This dataset includes: OFAC, SDN, as well as other U.S. Government and International government disbarment lists listing foreign terrorist organizations, terrorists on the watch list, politically exposed persons, and individuals and organizations that are on watch status. It also includes individuals that have been:

  • Debarred
  • Denied
  • Sanctioned
  • Most wanted
  • Fugitives
  • and more.
National Rental Records Search

The national rental records database searches nationwide to look for pointer data eviction record filings on an applicant.

Person Search

Person Search is a tool, powered by non-FCRA data, that may help users decide what additional jurisdiction searches to run on an applicant. It provides public record information that lets users quickly identify additional jurisdiction you may wish to search, additional name variations and an approximate date of their use.

Personal Reference Verification

A reference check is designed to confirm personal qualities through contact with a business or personal reference. They can help determine an individual’s name, title, personal characteristics, and other basic information.

Public Records Search

Public records searches can provide users with information on applicants including:

  • Bankruptcy information
  • Lien information
  • Judgements
Common myths about criminal search types

Myth: Federal and National searches are the same.
Fact: Federal and National Checks are not one and the same. ASC’s National Check covers a collection of nationwide databases, while a Federal search specifically finds criminal records in Federal jurisdictions.

Myth: If you run a Federal or National search, you don’t need to run county searches.
Fact: Federal, National, and State Checks don’t supersede County checks. In other words, they won’t find everything that a county criminal check will. For many criminal records, the county courthouse is the source of truth.

Federal Criminal Check

Search criminal cases prosecuted in the federal courts. A federal criminal records search provides information on criminal violations enforced by the United States government that have been adjudicated in federal district courts (for example, FBI, U.S. Marshals, ATF, DEA, etc.) These cases are usually initiated through the U.S. Attorney’s office. Since violations of federal law are adjudicated in the federal courts, these cases will not show in county or state criminal searches.

State Criminal Check

Search criminal records at the state level. Including searches at the State Judicial Court System, State Police, Department of Law Enforcement, or Administrative Office of the Courts. * Please note this does not include a thorough search of all records in every county.

Employment Credit Report

Verifies and identifies past employer’s which includes dates employed and job title.*Prior approval required/ each employer verification covers a single employer.

Education Verification

Service provides a single verification of education (usually highest level attained) including dates of enrollment, areas of study, degrees, and certificates. 

DOT Employment Verification & DOT Drug and Alcohol Verification

Service provides a single verification of the applicant’s previous or current DOT related employment including: start date, end date, title, salary, eligibility for rehire, reason for leaving, plus seeks responses to the questions on the DOT drug and alcohol questionnaire.

Motor Vehicle Record (Driving Record Search)

Three-year driving history, obtained from the Motor Vehicle Department. Available in all 50 states plus Puerto Rico.

Credit Report Search

A Credit Report is a record of the consumer’s credit history prepared by a credit bureau. They collect information and create a report based on the consumer’s information.

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