The gaming industry involves very large sums of money. As such, it must have a workforce that espouses integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and sound judgment. Otherwise, gaming companies, such as casinos, will suffer huge losses.

To avoid workforce-caused losses, be sure that you hire people who have passed pre-employment background checks. Moreover, be sure that employees are consistent in their excellent performance by subjecting them to periodic alcohol and drug tests.

Our tests determine substance use and substance abuse disorder among employees. These are meant to assist you with identifying workers who might need help or those who need to be let go. With routine or random alcohol and drug screens, not only will you minimize (if not totally eliminate) the risk of mishaps, aggressive behavior, bodily harm, and theft; you will also protect your workplace from being a trading post for controlled and/or prohibited substances.

Recommended Checks and Screens

  • National Sex Offender Public Website Searches
  • National Criminal Database Searches
  • Credit History Verifications (where allowed)

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