A good part of the economy relies on the competence of the financial sector, which is held accountable for all the actions of its workforce. To ensure the health, safety, and well-being of employees in the field, including those in the banking industry, you will need the members of your organization to be of good moral character and capable of performing their tasks.

At no point should your employees be a threat to direct and indirect stakeholders, including the community. This is why you will need to conduct background checks and perform screens on each of them.

With background checks, not to mention alcohol and drug tests, you will minimize (if not totally eliminate) the risk of accidents, aggressive behavior, and even crime in the workplace.

Our tests determine substance use and substance abuse disorder, and are here to help you attain and maintain compliance in this regard.

Recommended Checks and Screens

  • National Sex Offender Public Website Searches
  • National Criminal Database Searches
  • Professional License Verifications (where applicable)
  • Job History Verifications
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Verifications

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