Schools translate to students, many of whom are children. The safety and well-being of elementary and high schools, colleges and universities, trade schools, and other types of educational institutions and learning centers usually lies on the character and competence of the people who run these places.

To ensure the safety and well-being of your school or school district, you will want all your employees and contractors to show that they are of good moral character and capable of performing their tasks. At no point should they be a threat to anyone. This is why you will need to conduct background checks and perform screens on each one of them.

With background checks, not to mention alcohol and drug tests, you will minimize (if not totally eliminate) the risk of accidents, aggressive behavior, and even crime in school.

Our tests determine substance use and substance abuse disorder. These apply to members of the faculty sports coaches, band directors, administrative staff, janitorial staff, security officers, bus drivers, and other individuals in your school or school district.

Recommended Checks and Screens

  • National Sex Offender Public Website Searches
  • National Criminal Database Searches
  • Academic Background Verifications
  • Professional License Verifications (where applicable)
  • Job History Verifications
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Verifications

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